Blind Leader

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A Parabaloni tale (#6). An old spy is tossed back into the espionage game by someone who may prove important to the Parabaloni crew, as they work against the clock to again protect the innocent against evil.

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Algernon Fitzkkin (codename Donald Duck) used to be at the top of the game of lies and spies and agents. New interests have claimed him now, and he is not pleased to be pulled out of his not-so-quiet retirement to have a mysterious Eastern beauty shoved into his arms. But after a few minutes conversation, Algy knows she needs him. And a gallant gentleman never turns his back on a lady in distress, no matter how old he might be, or how impossibly in the dark he is in this situation where no one will tell him anything. Flying blind while trying to lead rarely works. But sometimes a man can stumble through the darkness to find…what? Algy has the uncomfortable feeling this situation is going to take him only to a deeper darkness, with death seeking its way like red dust blown in a high wind seeping under the door. Help is needed to navigate through this one alive, and all Algy can do is throw himself on the One who makes the blind to see. Even so, something tells him he isn’t going to be feeling just ducky by the end.

Parabaloni Book 6. Also available on Amazon as a kindle ebook.

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