We have a variety of clean Christian fiction and school studies, many emphasizing the heroic aspect of Christian life… You’ll find something for everyone in the 30 books currently published!
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Chivalry: An Ancient Code for Our Time is a unique character and Medieval history study, designed to work through for a high school credit. 25 lessons cover fascinating readings, insightful study questions, fun quests, writing projects, memory verses, inspirational quotes, and more. This challenging study is designed to teach yet also inspire a real-life adventure of chivalric Christian servanthood. High school to adult. Read a Preview.

Chivalry: A Study for Little Knights is a unique character and history study, combined with a fun story. It is designed to work through with your student over 22 lessons. Story chapters alternate with practical lessons and include fun activities to keep the student’s attention. Follow the adventures of Guibert of Ghent as he learns about knighthood, and teach your child how to apply chivalric Christian principles to their life today. Elementary ages. Read a preview.

A Theology of Beasts: Christians and Veterinary Medicine. In an age of confusion about how we should relate to animals, this little book offers refreshing clarity. Explore the history of veterinary medicine and how it was influenced by Christians, as well as into what the Bible says about animals and what Christian philosophers mused about the subject. Young Adult to Adult. Read a preview.

Be the vet in Fuzzy Logic! Learn critical thinking skills as you work through interactive cases by choosing tests, making diagnoses, and picking a treatment plan. But pay close attention… There are more than medical cases between these pages! By the end you will be familiar with many basic veterinary medical concepts and terminologies. Young adult to adult readers. Download a preview.

Anatomy coloring books for children or adults, full of detailed information.

Canine Anatomy for Crayons: A Coloring and Activity Book

Feline Anatomy for Crayons: A Coloring and Activity Book

King: A Christian’s Call to Imitate Christ’s Kingship. This small volume brings together riveting historical narratives and engrossing theological observations in a meditation of our kingship under Christ. Young Adult to Adult. Preview.


Download a free preview of all the fiction books. Read a chapter or two for all of them in one place!

Spy Thrillers. Twisted Plots, Firm Friends, Deadly Hazards, Great Truths… The Parabaloni is a six book series, though each can be read as a stand-alone story. Middle School.

  • The Parabaloni: Meet the founding members of the Parabaloni as they fight a devastating plot threatening America. Read a preview.
  • The Slingshot Effect: An overseas adventure awaits the Parabaloni as they debate ideologies and fight terrorists unlike ones you’ve seen before.
  • As The Eagle Flies: The team meets a new friend and faces Islamic foes as they travel the world again.
  • Solitaire: A Paris adventure for the spy crew as they battle an unknown enemy and try to save an old friend.
  • Adélie Angst: Christmas time finds the crew in Antarctica, facing evil villains intent on destroying them – not to mention the rest of the world.
  • Blind Leader: An old spy is tossed back into the espionage game by someone who may prove important to the Parabaloni, as they work against the clock to protect the innocent against evil.

Comedic Medieval Fantasy. History reimagined…a lot! Two stand-alone volumes in the ongoing Medieval Muddles series. General fiction.

In Juvament!: A Mythical Mess discover a long forgotten country beset by mobster insurance trolls, an occasional mythical monster, and a cuddly baby thrust upon a befuddled circus performer.

In The Mubblefubbles: A Toothy Tangle join two troubadours turned dragon slayers on a zany medieval romp in 13th century France to the Mediterranean, as they fight pirates, save princesses, and foil a plot to take over the world as they know it.


The Dreaded King Saga: Yaspur the Hard, Grand High Pumba of the Rocks, has overthrown the world. He rules behind a puppet king who usurped the throne twelve long years ago, murdering the entire royal family. Or did he? Astor Meagan, the last surviving knight, knows Yaspur is looking for something. Could it be a bigger secret than anyone has ever guessed? A chance to right the kingdom and restore a world is handed to Astor Meagan and his knife-wielding daughter. But never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined a dirty, peace-spouting, vegetarian farmer would become the pivotal point in the vast game of politics and intrigue happening on their planet’s surface. Teen to adult. Preview the first book.

Faery Tales. Don’t expect cute little imps with pixie dust with these tales. This is faery, and any sensible person knows faery hubs are more dangerous than invading a dragon’s lair when the dragon has been up all night and has a splitting headache. Even a faery’s favor is likely to kill you. Avoid relations with faeries at all costs. Elementary to Adult.

Two brothers, two dragons, too many faeries.

Life can be hard living in a faery hub. You never know when you might wake up not looking like…yourself. Follow a prince-turned-dragon and his faithful brother as they quest their way out of a faery plot, only to uncover a bigger scheme along the way. Read a preview.

The second fairy tale from Deweot brings another exciting and heroic tale. Impish faeries, evil pirates, and chivalrous hearts tossed together on the high seas! A sailor-turned-captain must deal with faeries and pirates, their antics leaving him to wonder: which is worse? Read a preview.

Time Travel over several genres… The Tangled Eons is a world with time travel. The series follows the adventures of Dr. Calvin Schmitt, a veterinarian going back into history with a machine gun to fight terrorists, and Dr. Tom Charger, a former veterinarian fighting villains of time and humanity in DC.

1. Crescent Tides is a thrilling alternate history tale about a time-traveling veterinarian adventurer facing off against terrorists with a Beretta and a broadsword. Dr. Calvin Schmitt is accidentally whisked off into a dangerous 16th century Mediterranean world in flux… Or was it an accident? Will he and his friends be able to keep the past from being forever altered by evil? Young adult to adults. Read a preview.
2. Fatal Fogs is a historical fiction with a mystery. Someone is trying to murder Charles Dickens! Or maybe someone already has… Dr. Calvin Schmitt and his team race through the smog-choked streets and moonlit rooftops of Victorian London as they investigate mysteries and attempt to save the timeline. But the clock is ticking: lives are at stake and nothing is as it seems. Read a preview.
3. The Stalwart Supinator is a graphic-rich superhero tale, a stand-alone story in the Tangled Eons world (taking place concurrently with events in Fatal Fogs). A new kind of hero prowls the crime-infested streets of Washington, DC, bringing the ancient code of chivalry to life! Previously homeschooled, and once a mild-mannered veterinarian, Tom Charger’s life is altered by a crippling (and highly unusual) disability. His new choice of career shakes society!


A dwarven outcast, a passionate princess, a haughty horse, and a knight far from home…

Elye of Saint Gilles follows young Knight Elye’s exploits in the colorful lands of Outremer. A fun tale filled with humor and high adventure, culminating in a surprising conclusion you won’t soon forget. This heroic tale was originally sung by 13th century troubadours to entertain nobles and teach chivalry, now retold for young readers in a whimsical yet edifying style, with original characters and plot intact. Middle grade and up.

Dive into a story of castles and knights, eels and earthworms, and heaps and heaps of hobs! This lovely hob tale has been penned in genuine, authentic Anglo-Saxon poetic meter, and is studded with fun Old English words from real life. There’s even more fun in the appendices with an Old English glossary, a recipe for delicious Spoogian Mug Mangle, the never before released and supremely catchy Marsh Hob Song, hob paper dolls, and more. Give this slippery little folk tale a try. Elementary to Adult.

A Big Complaint is the first in a delightful series of Furry Friendship Tales, sure to entertain young readers while helping them learn wisdom from Scripture. Follow a growing alliance of adorable forest friends as they solve mysteries that unfold into a progressive adventure! Elementary.