Adélie Angst

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A Parabaloni tale (#5) but can be read out of order. Christmas time finds the crew in Antarctica, facing evil villains intent on destroying them – not to mention the rest of the world.

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A peaceful holiday season never lasts when your job description is expert trouble-shooter. But at least Antarctica poses a pretty landscape for an approaching Christmas, and anywhere can be home if you have a heated house-plane, family near, and Christ’s joy in your heart. Until your heated plane is shot down in frigid water, and you find yourself stranded in an ice cave with one of your family members half dead and the group of killers who shot you down only a mile’s easy march from you. But on the bright side, the short distance from well-supplied enemies is nice for raiding purposes. And there’s nothing better on a cold night than a game of riddles, and this situation poses a doozy; what’s the link between slaughtered penguins, famous pieces of art, a drilling site, arid outer space, a 1st century band of Christian brethren, and a group of mismatched American spies?

Parabaloni Book 5. Also available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook.

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