Dreaded King: Reign Falls

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The second in the five book Dreaded King young adult fantasy saga. The continuing story to A Son Rises.

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Since you have read A Son Rises, you already know about Charlie’s interesting past, and Corinth’s cooking and dagger skills, and Meagan’s determination to get the true king back in place and upset the nasty plans of Yaspur, Grand High Pumba of the Rocks. Very good. Now in this volume, €hærlêm Hartsom is born; you have only sort of met him, and I find him quite an interesting fellow, whom I think you will enjoy learning about. Though not all of this second book is an enjoyable tale, the death of Charlie Biggton is a bit difficult to swallow, and…but I think I’m telling too much. I had better shut up and let you get on with reading. After all, Charlie and the Meagans are better story-tellers than I am. Go read their account, made possible by my brilliant translations into English.

Volume 2 of the Saga

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