J. Aaron Gruben

J. Aaron Gruben grew up in the Southwest and currently lives in Texas with his wife and six children, where he works full time as a veterinarian. A veritable Renaissance man, he is the author of works of varied genres. His books cover a vast diversity of subjects and often highlight historical topics that have become either distorted by political or social bias or have been forgotten by today’s general public. When he is not writing or repairing sick animals, Aaron enjoys reading, hiking, dancing with toddlers, and playing a variety of musical instruments. He also travels to conventions with his publishing company, Post Tenebras Lux Books, which strives to improve lives and revitalize old truths through quality Christian stories and studies. Christ brought Aaron into his camp at the age of 9, and his relationship with his beloved Savior has been the center of his life ever since.

Visit Aaron’s website to learn more about his books, read his random musings on the blog, and discover more about chivalry.

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