Dreaded King: A Son Rises


A young adult fantasy tale (with a bit of sci-fi thrown in) of unlikely heroes and mysterious outcasts whose adventures may impact not only a kingdom but a world. This is the first of the five volume saga!

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There are some stories that are hard to explain, especially when they are told by several people. It is difficult to condense Charlie Biggton’s changes in life (from a small-time dreadlocked farmer, to a homeless wander, and then…well, and then to a place he never wanted) into just a few words. It is even harder to explain Corinth Meagan’s experiences, watching the weak vegetarian farmer becoming a Christian leader. I suppose the only one that is fairly easy to explain is Astor Meagan’s business in the matter. As a practical missionary soldier, his job is keeping Corinth and Charlie alive and their eyes focused on God’s goals as they find themselves racing for their lives across the world. Not our world, you understand, but the planet somewhere off in our wide universe where these texts were written. How they fell into my hands is, of course, another story.

Volume 1 of the Saga

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