Crescent Tides

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An exciting alternate history story with some time travel thrown in! A weary veterinarian is accidentally whisked to 16th century Mediterranean… Or was it an accident? Will the past be forever altered by evil?

Book 1 in the Tangled Eons Series.

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An ancient war of ideas…
A lost veterinarian with a horse sedative…
The clash of hundreds of war galleys…
The dawn of a new age…

Dr. Calvin Schmitt, a burned-out veterinarian with a long neglected interest in medieval history, finds himself accidently whisked back to the 16th century Mediterranean. Or was it an accident? Cal and his friends are suddenly the major obstacle in the wild scheme of an enigmatic villain intent on reshaping the world, and must decide if preserving the future they once knew is worth risking their lives in the past.

Within these pages, you will find carefully researched historical facts centered around the pivotal Battle of Lepanto combined with speculative science fiction, philosophical discussion, relevant debate about the religious wars between Christianity and Islam, quirky humor, and page-turning storytelling!

Also available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook. Read the first few chapters for free.

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