Heaps of Hobs: A Fun-Filled Fable in Old English Verse


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Meet the marsh hobs…

They’ve got the ears of a bat, the flippers of a frog, the tusks of a wild pig, and the ornery mind of a rampaging toddler. And they’re about to tromp all over Sir Medwin’s evil plot to take over the castle. Will hobbish antics foil Medwin’s schemes and help a good cause triumph in the end? This slippery little folk tale from the Medieval land of Beorcholt will leave you laughing out loud.

But it’s not all about the laughs. This lovely hob tale has been penned in genuine, authentic Anglo-Saxon poetic meter, and is studded with fun Old English words from real life. Amaze your friends by telling them what Beowulf called his belly button!

There’s even more fun in the appendices! Peruse an Old English glossary, make a recipe for delicious Spoogian Mug Mangle, hum the never before released and supremely catchy Marsh Hob Song, cut and color hobbish paper dolls, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Open this little tome and dive into a story of castles and knights, eels and earthworms, and heaps and heaps of hobs!

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