Dreaded King: Knight Duty

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The third book in the five book Dreaded King young adult fantasy series. Meet new characters and find out how the old ones from the first two books are doing several years later.

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I have been instructed to tell thee of my part in the business of protecting €hærlêm the Third, Dreaded King, during the imperilment of his lineage and the attempted overthrow of his reign. To do so I have had to start my tale earlier in the year, at the time when my tormentor came into my life; which finally resulted in the destruction of all my family hoped and dreamed for since my birth.

Thanks a lot, Arvi. I guess it don’t matter none to you that I’s done my part of protecting too, eh jailer? It were me that stopped that carriage of murderers running off with Charlie, and me what gave the archer in the woods something else to think about so’s the king could live long enough for you to find him. And I’s only ten years yet! Don’t go shovin’ me in the dark like I ain’t around, we’s been in this together. So we’s both telling this tale. It’s a pretty good yarn, too.

Volume 3 of the Saga

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