Dreaded King: Heir Raising

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The fourth book in the five book Dreaded King young adult fantasy series. Discover what happens after a king is forced off his throne and must fight for his life.

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You would assume a king forced from his throne and in hiding among the lowest dregs of his people would be decidedly depressed about it all. The Dreaded King, however, is delighted with the opportunity to escape his political duties for a time. Corinth is nearly as excited at the prospect as her husband but, what with the wailing going on every night, she is a little too worn from sleeplessness to notice. Thankfully Arvi and Turner are along to protect the exiled king, and help with Aston Hartsom, the heir to the throne, high prince, and the joy and torment of his royal parents. One thing is evident as they settle in the ancient old house on the edge of slums; the new prince has a good pair of lungs. But as the days come and go, the pleasant life in the Old Mereson Place is rudely cut short. Unpleasant plots begin to press in on the Hartsoms and their two companions. The unknown mastermind behind the king’s near murder, and his present dangerous position, is still on the move. A new danger raises its monstrous head, threatening the entire kingdom. And only the Dreaded King is equipped to combat it…with a bit of help from his clever wife and the ill-matched duo of Arvi and Turner.

Volume 4 of the Saga

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