Ravens Rescue


Healing slowly from the disintegration of home yet clinging to the hope given by a good God, can Nehemiah and Anna survive being hunted across the globe?

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Escaped from their ruined homeland, Anna and Nehemiah Hillson now travel the world in the Ravens’ hovering wagon, with only memories and mysteries to their name. Kingdoms slide by, and the Ravens remain secretive. Joe the mute musician and his chimera friend continue to hide behind a series of masks. Who is Joe really? What does he do? But a more chilling mystery is the band of hunters combing the world for the Hillson twins. Something else is pursuing them, some evil malignity, lurking in the shadows. Do the Ravens have something to do with the hunt, or is Joe’s secret something else entirely? Anna and Nehi need to find the answer before they are caught in the clutches of their enemies.

Book 2

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