Ravens Rebirth


An epic finale as the Raven and the Wolf finish their deadly dance in the ruins of the Sojourner Kingdom.

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The Raven and the Wolf, emerge into the open light; who will win when the secrets and blood clear?

Caught. The Raven lies crushed beneath the FFs headquarters. Out of time, out of schemes, out of gadgets… Alone and helpless in the midst of his worst enemies. But Joe has friends now, family bound to him by Christ’s blood. Nehi holds a trump card, waiting out in the wastelands watching the FFs. But does he understand what he holds? With the Bible returned, the Raven crushed and helpless, conspiracies and secrets thickening, and the Wolf still rampaging amongst the flock, can the Hillsons finally resurrect the Sojourner kingdom? Will all be lost at the end?

Book 6

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