Fuzzy Logic 2: How to Keep Thinking Like a Veterinarian

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Book 2 in the interactive Fuzzy Logic series. Be the vet! Learn critical thinking skills as you work through interactive cases by choosing tests, making diagnoses, and picking a treatment plan. By the end of this workbook you will be familiar with basic veterinary medicine and terminology. Best for young adult to adult readers. Page count: 206.


It’s another full dozen medical mysteries centered around more of your furry patients–and those nefarious humans tagging along. Laugh, learn, and languish through another week at Animal Haus Veterinary Clinic, as you work through a new set of fascinating, interactive veterinary cases.

In these pages, you’ll go through real animal cases–complete with X-rays, bloodwork panels, and more–then choose tests, make diagnoses, and pick a treatment plan. In addition, you’ll learn critical thinking skills involving inductive and deductive logic, and how to use a differential list.

But keep your eyes open, and your mind sharp! You may find more than medicine to occupy your detective brain, as you learn to think like a veterinarian…again.

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