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Buy both chivalry studies at once for a discount, and get a poster and bookmark included for free!


Chivalry: A Study for Young Knights. Follow young page Guibert of Ghent’s adventures through the Ten Commandments of Chivalry in this character study of 22 lessons for your little knights. A story lesson alternates with a practical lesson about the specific commandment Guibert is learning, applying Christian principles to everyday situations. The lessons also contain questions to think about, memory verses, reproducible coloring pages, puzzles, crafts, and practical activities to make learning chivalry even more fun! Page count: 183.

Chivalry: An Ancient Code for Our Time. This comprehensive study has 25 lessons, each of which includes thought-provoking reading, study questions, challenging quests (such as building a catapult), writing projects, memory verses, quotes to ponder, and more. This study offers distinctive perspectives on chivalry and its impact on the world throughout history while focusing on the application of living as a chivalrous Christian today. It is designed to teach, yet also to inspire you to the real-life adventure of Christian servanthood. Page count: 289.

Also included: A colorable 11×17 10 Commandments of Chivalry poster.

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